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On the first day of spring, we see this small piece of adornment with great symbolic value, which is the Mărțişor [mərtsiʃor] or Little March, almost everywhere in the communities of Southeastern Europe, especially in Romania, Moldova and Bulgaria. Worn on the chest or hung on the wrist, the Mărțişor is a treasured talisman with an ancient history and endowed with magical powers; the peasants hang it on the trees, at the doors or in the stables, to cast out evil spirits. They say it protects against illness and bad luck. Regardless the popular belief, it is certain that when we give a Mărțișor to someone we give them the gifts of affection, respect, and gratitude. 


The traditional cultural practices related to the 1st of March were included in 2017 on the list of UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. Abroad as well as in their home countries, all those who wear the Mărțişor recognize each other, smile, and feel that they belong to a community. We grew up with this red and white symbol, we love it, and we want to spread its message everywhere in the world, a message of hope and love, and with the larger goal of promoting our heritage, from customs and rituals to crafts, folk dances, food, and stories.


Join our efforts wherever you are on the planet, help us share our values with the whole world, under the sign of the Mărțișor!


Adelina Berdilo

Adelina Berdilo

PR and Communication

Corneliu Berdilo


Veronica Covalenco

Veronica Covalenco

Head of Talent

Corneliu Berdilo


We dream of a world where, on the 1st of March, a Mărțișor is given and worn as a symbol of love, wisdom, and kindness in a community.


We wish to bring together the Romanian, Bulgarian, and Moldovan diasporas, alongside the communities from the host countries, and celebrate both our similarities and differences.


Let’s celebrate them together!


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Under the sign of Mărțișor, we bring hope to those far from home and help them feel part of a warm community.

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We feel closer to our loved ones and to our native land, with every Mărțișor given and received  – and with every tradition kept alive.

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Our goal is to preserve and promote our cultural heritage, especially among children and youth in the diaspora.

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